P&D (DNIT/UFSC): BWIM system

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Development of a Bridge Weight-in-Motion (BWIM) system for structural safety and reliability


This project is developed as part of a cooperation agreement between DNIT and UFSC managed by the Laboratory of Transportation (LABTRANS). The researchers of CORE are responsable for the development of a BWIM system for structural safety and reliability, with focus on vehicles that require a special traffic authorization.  BWIM uses strain data from sensors located under the bridge in order to characterize actual traffic loading, bridge structural behavior, among others. The tecnical challenge is to filter such data identifying statical loading, dynamical effects and measurement error. For this purpose, CORE’s team is developing new methods based on Regularization Theory and Bayesian Estimation.



Prof. Rafael Holdorf Lopez

Prof. Leandro Fadel Miguel

Prof. Roberto Andrade de Caldas Pinto

Prof. Ivo Padaratz

Felipe Carraro (Dsc student)

Matheus Silva Gonçalves (Dsc student)

Isaque Vargas Tinoco (Msc student)