Research Areas

Research Areas:

The Center for Optimization and Reliability in Engineering carries out research projects in the field of optimization, uncertainty quantification and reliability, with emphasis and applications in structural analysis, structural reliability, topology optimization, risk optimization, structural dynamics and stochastic modeling of uncertainties.

The current research topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Engineering Optimization: transmission line towers, structures subject to dynamic excitations (earthquake, wind, traffic), concrete/steel bridges, wind turbine foundations, optimal experimental design.
  2. Development of optimization algorithms: Efficient Global Optimization (Kriging), Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), stochastic gradient descent and metaheuristic algorithms
  3. Optimization under uncertainty: Risk Optimization, RBDO, Robust Optimization, Performance Based Design
  4. Development of efficient structural reliability methods: Polynomial Chaos Expansions (PCE), Active Learning Kriging, ANN.
  5. Nonlinear dynamical analysis for the contact between solids by a total Lagrangian kinematic description employing the Positional Finite Element Method.